Oklahoma is a growing and expanding state with an ever-increasing need for towers and tower service. Griffin Tower Company provides wires businesses an opportunity to work with one company that understands their business needs and provide them with concrete solutions.

Griffin Tower Company understands how important tower maintenance, brokering and services are to the success of broadcast, communications and data service provider businesses. Serving radio, TV, cellular, satellite, two-way communications and wi-fi businesses, Griffin Tower Company offers tower consulting, tower management, brokering, tower construction and resource information.

Griffin Tower Company offers the highest quality service and information possible to Oklahoma communications industries. For businesses planning to erect a new tower, looking to buy or sell a tower or seeking to rent space on an existing tower, Griffin Tower Company is the tower resource in Oklahoma.

Tower Solutions

On April 5, 1954, KWTV's tower—then the world's tallest tower at 1,565 feet high—was inaugurated. Since that time, Griffin Tower Company was established, becoming a statewide tower resource for broadcast, communications and data service provider businesses.